Monday, February 27, 2017

A New Twist on Old Magnetic Flow Meter Technology

FPI Mag Meter
FPI Mag Meter
The McCrometer FPI Mag employs a ground breaking configuration. Unlike full-bore mags, the FPI Mag is placed in the middle of the flow stream where an array of coils and electrodes measure at numerous points spanning the diameter of the pipe.

The FPI Mag's accuracy rivals that of conventional mag meters, so there's no compromise on performance. Save up to forty-five percent on installation and total cost of ownership. The FPI Mag is the only flow meter of its kind that eliminates the need for heavy equipment and excessive manpower necessary to support installation. Installing an FPI Mag is easy -  there's no need to shut down or drain the lines. The FPI Mag even fits in compact spaces with limited access points. Prep for conventional mag meter installation requires heavy equipment and draining lines. Conventional mag meter installation is costly complicated and time-consuming.

Benefits of using the McCrometer FPI Mag Meter:
  • Save up to 45% on installation and total cost of ownership
  • No downtime servicing or replacing the FPI Mag Meter
  • Over $5000 savings
  • 6 hours of labor saved