Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Improve Process Control Security Using Annunciators as Watchers

ronan annunciators for security
Use annunciators for added security
Software-based systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Most of the industrial control networks (CAN, PROFI, Control Area, Ethernet and RS485) connect to the internet or other computer networks which are not fully protected from hackers and viruses. Present day industrial DCS/PLC control systems come with redundancy systems to eliminate shutdowns in case of DCS/PLC hardware failures. However, this does not protect your DCS/PLC system from any type of cyber attack. Without proper protection, the safety and/or operation of your plant or business are put at great risk.

The document below describes how using a stand-alone annunciator system will will work as a failsafe for DCS/PLC/SCADA systems and improve .