Friday, April 29, 2016

Excellent Resource for Finding Measurement & Control Products FAST!

find instruments fast
Find instruments fast!
Yokogawa Corporation of America, an industry recognized source for innovative process measurement and control products, has made available an easy to use product selection tool for those navigating through the company's extensive product offering. The Product Finder is a great time saver that enables a user to quickly locate product and technical information on Yokogawa products that meet the user's selected criteria.

Let's step through a quick example. You will see how this quick and easy to use tool saves time by navigating quickly to the website pages detailing products meeting your requirements.

The Product Finder is accessible through a number of links throughout Yokogawa's network of Reps. Clicking the link lands you on the start page of the Product Finder. For this example, I am going to search for a flow meter with the following characteristics:
  • Mass flow measurement 
  • Non-conductive liquid
  • Accuracy of 1%
  • Flow measurement device must have an integral transmitter
  • Tri-clamp connections

Above, I declared my location as United States. The next step, shown below, is to select "Flow" as the measurement parameter. You will see in the drop down menu that there are many measurement elements that can be selected, with Yokogawa products for each.

My selection of "Flow" returns a list of all the company's flow measurement devices, of which there are many (this cropped screenshot, shown below, only shows four, but there were many more) . This is where the selector really helps you. Instead of examining several or many different models, the user can focus the search by adding more product characteristics. You can see the list of prompting questions on the left side of the page. Answering these will narrow the search results to the show only the products meeting all the criteria specified by the user.

The next image (below) shows selections of all  my sample product attributes entered on the left column. Note that there is now only a single product that matches all of my sample criteria. The whole process took less than two minutes. By clicking on the "View More Details" button below the product image, I gain access to all of the available technical, support, and product data for my selected flow measurement device.

For personal service with Yokogawa products in the Commonwealth of Virginia, contact Flow-Tech at:

Central VA Office
10993 Richardson Rd#13
Ashland, VA 23005
Ph: 804-752-3450

Tidewater VA Office
Ph: 757-504-5767

Western VA Office
Ph: 276-207-1794

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Eliminate Shutdown and Cost When Pulling Flow Meters for Calibration Verification

FCI's VeriCal
FCI's VeriCal System Diagram
FCI's VeriCalTM In-Situ calibration verification system provides you the ability to perform periodic field validation and verification of your FCI flow meter's measuring performance without extracting the meter from the pipe or process. Calibration is complete in minutes without removing the meter from the pipe or process. In the past, flow meters had to endure the cost and hassle of being pulled from the process, then returned to the manufacturer or a calibration lab for testing. and then shipped back for re-installation.

The FCI ST100 is quickly becoming the industry benchmark in process and plant air/gas flow measurement. Designed for rugged industrial processes and plants, ST100 Flow Meters include service up to 850oF (454oC) and are available with both integral and remote (up to 1000 feet [300 meters]) electronics versions. The ST100 is agency approved for hazardous environments, including the entire instrument, the transmitter and the rugged, NEMA 4X/IP67 rated enclosure. Instrument approvals in addition to SIL-1 include ATEX, IECEx, FM and FMc.

Now, with the VeriCalTM In-Situ Calibration Verification System with the ST100 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter, routine flow meter calibration doesn’t require pulling the meter, installing a spare and paying a lab fee. 

The video below demonstration illustrates the VeriCalTM procedure and ease of sensor installation. Validate performance on-site in minutes and comply with ISO and local regulations for periodic calibration verification with FCI's In-Situ Flow Meter Calibration Solution.

Friday, April 15, 2016

X-zone 3D Adds WIFI to Dräger X-zone Mobile Gas Detection System

Dräger X-zone
Dräger X-zone
The Dräger X-zone 5000/5500 is a mobile gas detection system for flexible area monitoring. It can be used for the measurement of up to six gases in combination with the gas detection instruments Dräger X-am 5000, 5600 or 5100. Up to 25 Dräger X-zone 5000/5500 can be automatically interconnected to form a wireless fence line. Therefore it is possible to control large areas continuously.

While the X-zone has been available with GSM and Modbus communications for a while now, the new X-zone 3D wireless communication module offers WIFI.

Designed to work with Dräger X-zone gas detectors, the X-zone 3D sends all data and alarms to any workstation location, email/SMS (text messaging) address, or the cloud wirelessly. This secure area monitoring system lets you determine the time, place and concentration of toxic gas levels – the most vital data points – well outside of the danger zone.​

The video below explains the interconnection concept and capabilities via GSM, MODBUS. The availability of WIFI connections extends the connectivity and communications for Dräger devices to a whole new level.

For more information, contact:
410-666-3200 (in Maryland)
804-752-3450 (in Virginia)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Reduce Unplanned Outages and Improve Profitability with Asset Condition Monitoring

Asset condition monitoring
Asset condition monitoring system
(courtesy of GE Bently Nevada)
Lost industrial production and unplanned plant outages cost companies and the US economy millions. 

Asset condition monitoring, as the name implies, is the process of continually monitoring a machine or piece of equipment with the intent to predict mechanical wear and / or a failure point. Key indicators of failing equipment are changing values in vibration, noise, and temperature measurements. Monitoring these variables are key indicators of the condition of the machine. By evaluating trends in the data, intelligent systems can provide health information about the equipment and asset in the early detection of possible faults or failures.

Continuously monitoring critical asset parameters such as vibration, temperature, speed, and numerous other condition indicators is a proven method for anticipating and preventing mechanical failures—proven in tens of thousands of industrial facilities around the world by delivering tangible benefits such as:
  • Improved protection from catastrophic failures
  • Better machinery reliability/availability
  • Fewer process interruptions
  • Enhanced maintenance/outage planning
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Longer intervals between outages
  • Reduced insurance premiums
Implementation of asset condition monitoring are benefiting manufacturing plants and process industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, power generation, wind turbines, and oil & gas. Not only can it save money from protecting against unplanned outages, but condition monitoring also improves productivity, quality, and profitability.

GE's Bently Nevada 3500 Monitoring System provides continuous, online monitoring suitable for machinery protection and asset condition monitoring applications. It represents our most capable and flexible system in a traditional rack-based design and offers numerous features and advantages not provided in other systems.